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Millie Perkins

Hey there

Anyone know if Millie becomes non-datable after defeating the "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's" mission? I ask this becaues I have checked back at all the times to see about dating her and have had no luck. I just defeated "Breaking the Bank..." and it occurred to me that if she is a croupier at Caligula's, maybe she "lost her job" and is now undatable.
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she is still dateable. she just isn't home very often and that pisses me off.
Yeah, she's never home. I've only gone out on 1 date with her since the heist.
Ah okay. Yeah, maybe she is working at the track now that she has no job at Caligulas. :)


PS: Your username rocks
Ohmegee. Thanks. I <3 Zero.
I think she is home on the weekends
How does one know what day of the week it is?

By whichever control brings up the fat/muscle/stamina/etc screen in the lower left-hand corner.

For instance, I play it on Xbox, therefore I would pull the left trigger when it's in regular gameplay mode.

Hope that helps.
Millie is home every other night after nine i think.
plus if you show up on the gimp suit(Millie only) she
will automaticly jump to the coffie scene(outside the
house with it shaking)
you won't have to wine and dine her.