Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem nächsten Spiel (munchmeyer) wrote in gta_aholics,
Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem nächsten Spiel

Well, SHIT

So I'm rounding the final turn in GTA:SA, right? Got my man CJ back in LS, and he's taken back a fair amount of turf for the GSF, and I'm well on my way to triggering the end-game missions when a thought crosses my mind. In my experience, that's a dangerous thing.

The thought was, why not start a new game and revisit all the intro stuff now that I'm familiar enough with the game that I can't miss it. Which, by the way, is working out well thus far. I'm trying to square away a lot of the minigame shit before I even BEGIN to start the first core mission in the game. Thus far, I've knocked off the taxi missions, earned a good amount of scratch, and the taxis all have nitro boosts. Next up: gang tagging.

Unfortunately, My mind was on autopilot when I saved the new game at some point, because the last I checked, I had (by accident) COMPLETELY written over the old game, which means I need to play the WHOLE goddamn way through again just to get back to where I had been.

There's my oops-du-jour, fer shure.
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