Stefanie (xelestiale) wrote in gta_aholics,

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

My PS2 was on the fritz for awhile and then I got LCS so I'm played that...but now I'm back to San Andreas and I'm still stuck in the same place. The Flying School. San Andreas is my least favourite GTA game (besides those with aerial view) so I get frustrated with it more easily than I do with Vice City or Liberty City Stories.

Any tips on how to fly that stupid plane? And no cheats, please.

Also, does anyone know if Rockstar is planning on making Vice City Stories available to the PS2?

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vice city stories will be available on ps2, just not sure when. and as for flying school? good luck.....i had trouble with the copter myself.
Acording to Wikipedia, Rockstar have no plans of making a port of Vice City Stories on the PS2. Wish they would