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I'm new to this comm.

Hey there everyone,

 I've been play GTA SA for two years now and beat the game six times.
I found something new (I think) that I've not read anywhere else.
I found a cave.  It has one of the cop bribes in it.

Start at the Observetory(Big Satilite Dish), go back down to the main road,
you'll see the road and water, turn right. go until you see the a path just off the road.
go around the guardrail  and the path goes down the hill. the cave is on the left but
you can't see it until you're on top of it. hard to see at night to. follow it and you will
find a bribe. keep going and you will come out the other side. by a safe house.
go up the hill and there it is.
this will help alot if you have a lot of cops chasing you and you can't lose them.
Either walk it or use a bike. taking a car will be too hard to get up the hill on the other side.

Hope this helps.
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